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Monthly Archives: February 2020

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Storystorm 2020 Daily Prize Winners!

And with this post, we officially conclude Storystorm 2020! I hope you are continuing to practice daily idea generation. Has the Storystorm practice become a habit? It has for me, even though I notoriously don’t participate in my own challenge! But I continue to collect

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Storystorm 2020 Grand Prize Winners!

Hello Storystormers! Here is the news you’ve been awaiting! These are the Grand Prize Winners and the agents with whom they’ve been paired! They’ll receive feedback on their best 5 story ideas… Michele Meleen → Erin Murphy Natasha Garnett → Joan Paquette Amy Cory →

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Today we’re revealing the cover for ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME, illustrated in bright, bold colors and soft edges by Andrés F. Landazábal. It immediately takes me back to another time in picture books! The tale, co-written by Charles Ghigna (a.k.a. Father Goose) and Matt Forrest

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Hold Tight! Grand Prize Winners Coming Soon!

I was planning to announce the Storystorm Grand Prize Winners today, but I was unable to get to it. This gives you more time to polish your ideas, though! I’m posting this so no one thinks they missed it! The Grand Prize will be announced

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Storystorm 2020 Agents & Winner’s Badge

Over 800 of you have signed the Storystorm Pledge affirming you have at least 30 new ideas to write into stories! Congratulations! Download your Winner’s Badge and proudly display it anywhere fine badges are displayed! If you’re a Storystorm WINNER, begin fleshing out your best

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Got 30 Ideas? Take the Storystorm 2020 Pledge!

If you’ve been here all month, you’ve been generating tons of ideas! Luckily you don’t need tons to “win” the Storystorm challenge. You just need 30 of them! When you have 30 ideas, you can qualify to win one of 10 AMAZING Storystorm Grand Prizes—feedback