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Category Archives: YOUNG WRITERS

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Storystorm 2021 Day 15: Mike Ciccotello is Unpredictable

by Mike Ciccotello We’ve all heard that critique from an editor, “It’s too predictable.” And then, we pull out the rejection Bingo Card and fill in a spot. Coming up with an unexpected concept is challenging. There are plenty of ways we can apply this

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Storystorm 2021 Day 13: Joana Pastro Makes Lists

by Joana Pastro In my 2020 StoryStorm post, I talked about always having my senses on, and my brain ready to make the necessary connections to generate ideas. But then the pandemic turned our lives upside-down, and somewhere along the way, I lost the habit

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Storystorm 2021 Day 11: Carrie Finison Makes Her Characters Miserable

by Carrie Finison If you’ve studied story structure, you’re familiar with the classic narrative arc: main character has a problem or wants something, makes several attempts to solve her problem, learns a little something along the way, and finally uses that learning to resolve her

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Storystorm 2021 Day 10: Kirsten Pendreigh Finds Joy in the Journey

by Kirsten Pendreigh I’m loving the inspirational Storystorm posts from successfully published creators! But I also know that the road from shiny new idea to publication is long and winding. There are potholes and wrong turns, dead ends and roadwork delays. So many delays! Sometimes

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Storystorm 2021 Day 8: Slime Flies When Ashley Belote’s Having Fun

by Ashley Belote Once upon a slime…I couldn’t resist! Slime! Something so seemingly simple has had a profound effect on my art and outlook on inspiration. When my art director sent me the manuscript for FRANKENSLIME, I was blown away by Joy Keller’s ability to